If we are talking about Baklava, Güllüoglu is the first name that comes into mind. Our story begins at 1871. Güllüoglu is considered the biggest baklava school as they trained almost every baklava masters in Turkey. This sweet legend stayed at the starting city called Gaziantep until 1949. On that day, Mustafa Güllü decided to go out of the shell and came to Istanbul. It was on that day that first Güllüoglu store was open in the city where the continents meet. Although it was unorthodox, he decided to do advertisement in order to get people to know more about baklava. Mustafa Güllü stayed at Istanbul until the year 1960 had to return to Gaziantep due to health issues. 

Trained by his uncle Halit Güllü at Gaziantep, the eldest son of Mustafa Güllü, M. Nejat Güllü became a true baklava master. As a master, he came to Istanbul at 1969 and stood up for his father's place. Even at that time, he took some radical decisions and put his plans of being a world brand in motion. As he kept working at his father's first store, he was sure that this little place they had could not handle the demand. It was mandatory to move to a more central location. So he moved to the historic spot at Karaköy (Istanbul), which is still in use today. He was successful from the first day: baklava sales were doubled in one day. In order to have more branches and go global, he separated from his father and brothers to open a factory at the Asian side of Istanbul and then open a store near Grand Bazaar.

In a short time, M.Nejat Güllü started exporting Baklava, firstly to Greece. During this period, new branches were opened continuously. The word Baklava was almost synonymous with the name Güllüoglu. M. Nejat Güllü had planned to move to a bigger factory where they could handle the ever growing demand and exporting to the world. At the year 2001 the world's largest baklava production facility - as big as 7.200 sqm - was opened. Besides baklava, cakes, Turkish delights, börek, ice cream, chocolate, filo dough, scone and other savouries are also produced in this factory.

Güllüoglu adds new tastes to its menu every day, with the help of its research and development department. The company produces internationally for USA, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.